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CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP


WHERE : Online

WHEN:  Thursday 14th July

Most organisations today recognise the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, in particular, how to build an inclusive culture.  However, organisations need to go beyond warm words to deliver on commitments in practice.

This webinar series will address subtle aspects of discrimination in the workplace in the form of microaggressions. It will aim to bring these issues to life and help leaders develop their awareness and understanding of the impact of behaviours that many write off as too trivial to mention; the little things that just happen.  Though “little” in name, these occurrences can become large by nature, and businesses must be aware of the deep and often devastating impact of ignoring them.

In each monthly 45-minute session, a diverse panel of speakers will focus on an area where microaggressions are prevalent and discuss:

  • the historical and cultural context for specific microaggressions
  • real-life experience and impact of microaggressions
  • how the law addresses them (or doesn’t as the case may be)
  • what steps organisations can take from a policy and good practice perspective to tackle the issue


This session is ideal for anyone who has an active interest in driving forward long term, sustained cultural change within their organisation including business leaders, HR professionals, GCs and legal teams.

This series will kick off with our first session on afro hair discrimination on Wednesday, 25 May, and we look forward to you joining us. Please register for this and as many sessions as you would like by using the link below.

Series Details

Wednesday, 25 May


Hair we go again ...

Understanding hair discrimination

In this session we will look at the treatment experienced by many individuals (specifically women) with afro hair.


Thursday, 23 June


“Don’t Sweat It”

Microaggressions toward menopause

By looking at microaggressions commonly exhibited towards women in connection with menopause, we will consider whether employers should do more and why.


Thursday, 14 July


A touch of class

Social mobility: the impact of microaggression on the workplace - why care?

Microaggressions in this area are often the most innocuous on the face of it. This session will examine every-day behaviours which operate to exclude people based on their social profile.


Wednesday, 28 September


Keep the faith

Calling out subtle and not-so-subtle islamophobia in the workplace.

In this session we will discuss microaggressions in the context of islamophobia, particularly drawing on unfortunate lived experience.


Wednesday, 19 October


Pushy Little Things

Microaggressions toward females in positions of power in the business context.

We will explore some of the more common microaggressions in this space, with a focus on importance of appearance, differing perceptions of strong women (feisty) vs strong men (leaders) and assumptions about career aspirations.


Wednesday, 23 November


The Genderbread Person: a bitesize discussion

Covert discrimination or otherization of people in the LGBTQ+ community.

In the final session of this series, we will be looking at microaggressions experienced by people in the LGBTQ+ community.


14 July 2022 - 28 September 2022
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