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Des Voeux Chambers


AAIL x DVC x LIDC HK International Competition Law Webinar Series 


Date: 31 August, 15 & 23 September 2022

Competition law has become an international phenomenon with increasing importance in today’s globalised world. Starting 31 August, Des Voeux Chambers will collaborate with the Asian Academy of International Law (AAIL) and the International League of Competition Law (HK Chapter) to launch a three-session webinar series to introduce a general principles of competition law and some of the major regimes at domestic levels (Session 1 on 31/8), share insights on how to approach novel and difficult competition issues related to E-commerce (Session 2 on 15/9), and to discuss practical considerations for potential defendants in preparing for and defending claims arising from national and international cartels and other anti-competitive practices (Session 3 on 23/9).

在世界全球化的发展格局之下,竞争法(competition law)的重要性日益增加。德辅大律师事务所(Des Voeux Chambers)将与亚洲国际法律研究院(Asian Academy of International Law (AAIL))以及国际竞争法联盟香港分会(International League of Competition Law (HK Chapter))共同举办系列网络研讨会,介绍竞争法的基本原则以及竞争法在主要司法辖区内的制度概览(8月31日第一节),讲者亦会分享如何处理电子商务行业中有关竞争法的疑难解答(9月15日第二节),以及通过讲者特别精选的几宗涉及国内外同业联盟(Cartels)或其他反竞争行为(anti-competitive practices)的案例,探讨竞争法在私人执行领域的迅速发展趋势。(9月23日第三节)。

Session 1 (31 Aug 2022)  网络研讨会详情如下: 2022 8 31   第一节

International Competition Law – Internationalising Competition Law: Prospects and Challenges

国际竞争法 竞争法国际化的前景与挑战

Despite being relatively new to Hong Kong and some parts of Asia, competition law has become an international phenomenon with increasing importance in today’s globalised world. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction to a general principles of competition law and a brief overview of some of the major competition regimes at a domestic level. The challenges of applying competition law to cross-border anti-competitive practices will be highlighted.


Topics planned include:  研讨会主要内容包括:

  1. The basics of competition law; 竞争法的基本原则;
  2. Overview of major competition regimes: China, EU, and the US; 主要竞争法司法辖区(中国、欧盟及美国)的制度概览;
  3. The internationalisation of competition law; and 竞争法的国际化;及
  4. The Cross-border anti-competitive practices: Challenges and potential solutions. 跨境反竞争行为带来的挑战及解决方案。



Adrian Lai

  • Deputy Secretary General and Co-Convenor of the Advisory Board, Asian Academy of International Law
  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers


Kelvin Kwok

  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong

Session 1 Registration https://lnkd.in/gxN38DMq


Session 2 (15 Sept 2022)  2022 9 15 第二节

International Competition Law - E-Commerce and Competition Law

国际竞争法 —— 电子商务与竞争法

The onset of the COVID-19 crisis has led to a significant limitation of physical interactions, and the corresponding rise of e-commerce platforms for the provision of various goods and services. The structure and characteristics of such platforms give rise to novel and difficult competition law issues that competition authorities and e-commerce platforms in various jurisdictions have to properly approach and tackle. 

In this webinar, Connie Lee and Joshua Yeung of Des Voeux Chambers will share their insights on how to approach this novel hot topic. 

新冠肺炎疫情的爆发严重限制了实体经济的发展,随之兴起的则是提供线上商品及服务的电子商务平台。在这一背景下,对于竞争法来说,电子商务平台的结构和特质同时亦产生了一系列新颖和棘手的竞争法问题。对此,各司法辖区内的竞争法监管机构以及电子商务平台自身应当正确面对并且妥善处理。 李匡怡大律师与杨璟麟大律师将会在第二节研讨会中就该热点问题分享见解。

Key issues that will be discussed include:  研讨会主要内容包括:

  1. market definition for e-commerce companies; 电子商务公司的市场定义
  2. the effect of pricing structures and algorithms on competition law; and 定价结构(pricing structures)与演算法(algorithms)对竞争法的影响
  3. downstream arrangements by e-commerce platforms to suppliers and retailers. 电商平台对下游供应商及零售商的安排


Kelvin Kwok

  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong


Connie Lee

  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers

Joshua Yeung

  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers

Session 2 Registration https://lnkd.in/gM4SqSbi


Session 3 (23 Sept 2022)  2022 9 23 第三节

Litigating Private Competition Claims: Key Lessons from Recent Developments

国际竞争法 根据竞争法提起的私人诉讼:近期发展的启示

Private enforcement of competition law is increasingly important. This is demonstrated by the growing number of claims for damages and/or other remedies arising from national and international cartels and other anti-competitive practices.

This webinar aims to explore this rapidly developing trend by discussing a selection of landmark decisions and judgments in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the European Union.


The key topics will include:  研讨会主要内容包括:

  1. Raising competition law infringements as a defence to a private action in Hong Kong: issues and lessons to be learnt from Taching v Meyer 在香港以反竞争法侵权作为私人诉讼抗辩理据:香港蚬壳诉大庆石油案(Taching v Meyer)中的问题与启示
  2. The emergence of the UK as a major venue for private enforcement actions: collective proceedings and other key developments in follow-on litigation 英国作为私人诉讼的主要审判地的兴起:集体诉讼(collective proceedings)与后续诉讼(follow-on litigation)的主要发展
  3. Arbitration as an alternative to private competition litigation 以仲裁作为私人竞争法诉讼的替代争议解决方式


Jindrich KLOUB

  • Executive Director (Operations), Competition Commission


Catrina LAM

  • Founder and Vice-Chairman, International League of Competition Law, Hong Kong Chapter
  • Barrister, Des Voeux Chambers

Christopher VAJDA QC

  • Former Judge of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Court of Justice of the European Union

Session 3 Registration https://lnkd.in/gNUpKme9


All sessions are free-of-charge and CPD points are being applied for.  Download the e-flyer  for speaker details and course outline. Sign up now!

本系列研讨会课程費用全免,语言为英文,合资格参与者可获得香港律师会学分。查看课程大纲及讲者简介请 点击此处下载本系列研讨会宣传页 。即刻报名,不容错过!


31 August 2022 - 23 September 2022
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