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Lexology Instruct Counsel is the next generation online search tool that enables users to find, compare and instruct experts.

Use our drill down function to find a lawyer with the expertise you need by searching across articles they’ve written, their profile text and press releases. Try our AI-powered search by inputting the text of a brief, a complaint or an email to find experts who have produced conceptually similar content.

With 900,000+ articles authored by experts worldwide, Lexology is bound to have a lawyer to match your business needs.

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Either drill down by selecting tags or input text that sums up your issue into the conceptual search to find expertise with the most relevant experience.


Experts are returned ranked by relevance and the performance of their content on Lexology. Review their credentials and the content they've authored.


Refine your search further if needed. Filter by more tags, add your list of pre-approved firms or dial up the coherence on the conceptual search.


Once you're happy with your chosen expert or potential shortlist, reach out to them. Check back soon for functionality to make this seamless.

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