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Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence provides a unique perspective on evolving legal and regulatory landscapes in major jurisdictions around the world. Through engaging, easily comparable interviews, the series provides the legal profession's thought leaders with a platform for sharing their views on current market conditions and developments in the law.

Market Intelligence offers readers a highly accessible take on the crucial issues of the day and an opportunity to discover more about the people behind the most interesting cases and deals.


Market Intelligence: Shipping explores prevailing global shipping market trends and developments through a series of engaging interviews with seasoned legal experts in the sector. Covering issues ranging from the practical effects of recent legislative changes and case law to key regulatory and financing considerations, it offers valuable insights for market players.

Privacy & Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity continues to represent a growing risk for companies around the world, with cyberthreats posed by nation states, commercial competitors, company insiders, transnational organised crime and ‘hacktivists’ continuing to grow on a global basis.

Dispute Resolution

Market Intelligence: Dispute Resolution  is an engaging interview-style exploration of the global litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) landscape. Leading dispute resolution specialists offer their insights into the most prominent market and case law trends; practical considerations surrounding the choice of dispute resolution method; incisive commentary on recent judicial treatment of common contractual clauses; and more.


Centred around a series of interviews with experienced practitioners in key jurisdictions, Market Intelligence: Cartels offers engaging discussion on the most consequential cartel enforcement trends worldwide. It provides useful takeaways on topics including recent developments in leniency programmes; best practices for cooperation with investigating authorities; challenging authority decisions; potential future reforms; and much more.


This engaging series of interviews with leading practitioners offers practical guidance for those navigating the corporate restructuring and insolvency regimes in major jurisdictions worldwide. Topics discussed include recent trends in insolvency filings; notable legislative reforms; coordination of cross-border cases; opportunities for buyers of distressed assets; and much more.

Project Finance

Project Finance comprises a series of interviews with leading global practitioners in this space. It offers practical insights into the biggest challenges and opportunities – both legal and commercial – for those involved in energy and infrastructure projects in key jurisdictions worldwide, including discussion of recent trends and developments.

Artificial Intelligence

In this guide, a global panel of legal experts analyse the key trends and developments in the fast-evolving world of artificial intelligence. Through a series of engaging interviews, they discuss the most important legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives affecting AI developers and look at what the future may hold in this exciting field

Digital Transformation

In Market Intelligence: Digital Transformation , a global panel of experts discuss the key legal and practical issues faced by companies seeking to enhance their digital capabilities. Covering hot topics including cloud migration, cybersecurity, data protection, DevOps and AI, it offers useful insights to organisations of all sizes.

Labour & Employment

In this Market Intelligence guide, leading employment law practitioners from across the globe discuss the most consequential recent trends and developments that employers should know about, while also sharing their insights into best practices and potential future developments.

Merger Control

Market Intelligence: Merger Control examines global regulatory and enforcement trends in merger control through the eyes of leading competition law practitioners. In a series of topical interviews, these seasoned experts share their experience of and insights into the merger clearance regimes in their respective jurisdictions.

Remote Working

Through a series of interviews with prominent practitioners in major jurisdictions, Market Intelligence: Remote Working explores the legal and practical implications of managing a remote workforce. Addressing diverse issues including cybersecurity, tax, health and safety, and remote hiring, it offers useful takeaways for employers of all stripes.


Market Intelligence: M&A  explores the most impactful recent developments in global mergers and acquisitions and how legal practitioners have responded to them. Through a series of interviews with seasoned experts in key jurisdictions, it offers useful insights across all stages of M&A transactions.

Private Equity

Through a series of engaging interviews with leading legal practitioners in key jurisdictions, Market Intelligence: Private Equity analyses the biggest trends and most consequential recent developments in private equity activity worldwide. Addressing major market trends and regulatory changes, it offers vital insights relevant to both sides of private equity transactions.


Market Intelligence: Anti-Corruption examines the most prominent recent developments in the global fight against corrupt practices. A panel of legal experts from key jurisdictions discuss enforcement trends, compliance risks and the related practical effects on companies’ anti-corruption compliance programmes.

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